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Follow the adventures of five sixth grade friends and a mutt called Bandit. They live in the small town of Buena Vista, tucked away in the rugged mountains of Colorado. 

And their club house, well, let’s just say that the tree house in Ben’s back yard lost it’s appeal. They have laid claim to a hangar built in the 1930s, the ghostly home of a forgotten old airplane.

According to Grandpa Jimmy, the owner of the hangar, if that remarkable plane could talk, it would tell a thousand stories of adventures and intrigue. He often says, with a smile and a wink, “The Shirley Ann is magical.”

The plane’s battered aluminum skin has long since lost its shine and one engine is missing. Obviously, it can’t be flown. Yet, when the gang steps inside and closes the door, it magically transports them into a world filled with adventures. One that only they believe exists.

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Get to Know Ben

A natural leader and protector. Hungry for adventure. Loves hunting, fishing, hiking and exploring. Thinks he’s bullet proof and considers a scar a badge of honor. Ready, fire, aim mentality. Won’t say it, but thinks of Tali as his best friend. Would like to be a Forest Ranger.

Meet Kate

Talks a lot, sounds like a mom sometimes. A smart, get it done, overachiever. Competitive, not intimidated by boys or afraid to get her hands dirty. Loves animals but hates spiders. Never leaves home without a matching outfit and jewelry. Wants to be a nurse.

All About Tali

A voice of reason and a peacemaker. Likes doing things for others but doesn’t like being in charge. Unaware she’s beautiful. Indian and Hispanic heritage. Difficult home life. Avoids confrontation. Very creative and wants to be an artist. Really likes Ben.

Who is Willy?

Techie, straight “A” student. Easy to get along with. Stubbornly sticks to what he believes, a no compromise perfectionist. Few friends but will faithfully defend those few against any and all who would belittle or bully. Always attempts to do the right thing. Wants to be a US Air Force drone pilot.

Learn about Jold (and Bandit)?

Jold is a daydreamer who has turned exaggeration and embellishment into an art form. Can talk anyone into anything. Makes the simplest jobs seem like a monumental effort. Fiercely loyal to his friends. Can’t seem to live up to his parents’ expectations. Is never without a Baby Ruth. Wants to be Governor of Colorado.

Oh, and Bandit? He was a rescue mutt. No one is sure of his breed. Club mascot and watchdog. Doesn’t believe in personal space, if he’s near you he’s in your lap. Seems to like pulling the long board with Jold aboard.


Episode: 6 “Convincing the Parents”

Episode: 6 “Convincing the Parents”

“Convincing the Parents”   On the ride home, they talked about what their parents might say. Ben was sure his dad wouldn’t mind. “My dad met Grandpa Jimmy last Saturday. Yeah, yeah, I know, the night half the town was searching for me, including the sheriff. He...

Episode: 5 “Cool Place for a Club House”

Episode: 5 “Cool Place for a Club House”

“Cool Place for a Club House”   Mr. D. called the gang together and assigned each of them an area of the store. “Take your time,” he said. “Look under, around  and behind everything.” They all headed to their assignments except Jold. Bandit had gone missing. “Bandit,...

Episode: 4 “Lost or Stolen”

Episode: 4 “Lost or Stolen”

“Lost or Stolen” Tali stepped off her bike and pushed the kickstand down with the toe of her tennis shoe. She had worked hard babysitting and cleaning houses to pay for that bike and didn’t like dropping it to the ground. It was a girl’s version of Ben’s bike with the...

Episode: 3 “Ben’s Great Idea”

Episode: 3 “Ben’s Great Idea”

“Ben’s Great Idea”  Ben’s dad lived up to his word. Every day after school that week Ben was stuck doing chores. Cleaning the garage wasn’t so bad or even washing the cars. But tilling the garden was real work. The ground had been hard packed from the winter snows. To...

Episode: 2 “A New Friend to the Rescue”

Episode: 2 “A New Friend to the Rescue”

“A New Friend to the Rescue”   It was nearly dark, and the lights on the top of Deputy Johnson’s squad car could be seen for blocks. Something serious had happened in the neighborhood. “Perfect, Dad won’t notice I’m late.” Or so Ben thought until he realized the...

Episode: 1 “Recon Mission”

Episode: 1 “Recon Mission”

“Recon Mission” On his way home from school Ben pedaled around the old hangar, something he did most every day. It was the only hangar at the small city airport that hadn’t been fenced off from the public. There was a time when that hangar was the hub of a thriving...

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