About the Author

I’m a grandpa with nearly seventy years of  life experience. I have not acquired a master’s in education or a PHD in child development, but I can write a story that children love. My wife of 50 years and I have raised two children who are both happily married. Between the two, we have been blessed with six grandchildren, five boys and one girl. As you might imagine, sometimes grandpa treats his only granddaughter a little extra special. 

My stories are written for middle grade readers with enough excitement and intrigue to keep them reading. Like a tapestry, virtues are woven into the fabric of the story. Compassion, responsibility, friendship, work, courage, perseverance, honesty and faith, or the lack of them, are depicted through characters. Of course, if you’re a little older and would like to read the story yourself, that’s perfectly acceptable too.

In my life, I have discovered only a few things that truly matter: God’s unconditional love, the love that my wife has so graciously bestowed upon me and the joy of family. At this stage of life, our desire and hope is to help others build strong healthy families. With God’s help, we will. Some call me “Grandpa Jimmy.” 

Jim Ertel served in the US Navy from 1967-1971. The last 12 months of his service were spent in Viet Nam as a helicopter crewman flying river patrol with HAL-3, (Helicopter Attack Light 3). His first love was flying. So, he became a commercial pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings; then traveled, or I should say flew, the country selling private aircraft for Piper and Cessna. That may be the reason for the creation of the Adventures from Hangar 1 stories. He transitioned into business as an insurance and investments adviser which led him to what he did for the next twenty years. He served as a development officer, working directly with the public, communicating the vision of  large non-profit organizations. During that time, he also taught college classes, as an adjunct, on family and children. 

Parent or Grandparent!
Grandpa Jimmy has a gift for you:

Contending for the Heart: The Hidden Key to Your Child’s Behavior

Parents are asking, “How can I control my child’s behavior when they are being subjected to so many opposing outside influences?” As reasonable as that question may seem, it’s the wrong question. We should be asking, “How can I influence and win the heart of my child?” Contending for the Heart is a collection of short stories about real families who found that correct behavior naturally follows when you contend for and win the heart of your child.

Joyful Reunion

Joyful Reunion is the touching story of a young woman who kept an unplanned pregnancy and subsequent abortion a secret from her family for nearly a decade. There was good reason for keeping this secret and no good reason to reveal it, until a life changing revelation emerged through the fog of heartache, fear and pain that gave her the reason, the courage really, to expose it to the light. When she did, it opened the door to healing and changed her life forever.

Thoughts from Grandpa Jimmy

A Changed Heart – A Changed Mind

Tuesdays were counseling day. My receptionist knocked on the door rather early, 8:30 am, and ushered in a middle-aged woman. We’ll call her Judith. Business dress, classy with just the right balance of jewelry and makeup. Appeared to be a very successful and...

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The Heart is a Canvas

  Raising children is neither a science or a mathematical equation to be solved, it’s an art.   When your children are born, think of their hearts like a canvas, awaiting the brush strokes of an artist.  And God made no mistake when he chose you to be the artist...

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Is Consequence a Good Teacher?

Have you ever heard a parent say, “Well, I guess he will just have to learn his lesson the hard way.”  I have, and it always makes me cringe because the hard way can be far more than you bargained for. Should children learn that the gas flames on the stove are hot by...

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Reflections in the Mirror

  As April looked intently into the foggy mirror above the bathroom sink; she could not imagine how God could possibly love the woman whose image she saw in the reflection. The replay button of her mind seemed stuck in the on position; constantly reminding her of...

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Adolescence – Fact or Fiction?

  Educators, psychologists and other proponents of adolescence have managed to convince the world that teenagers are unable to make good decisions and if not closely supervised would live irresponsible undisciplined lives.  Sigmund Freud wrote this in an essay he...

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I must be Schizophrenic

  “I must be Schizophrenic,” you say.  “What other explanation could there be?” “II Cor. 5:17 says that when a person is in Christ, he or she becomes a new creation; that old things pass away and everything becomes new.  If that’s true, then why haven’t I...

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Kids Helping Kids

In a world where selfish interest has taken center stage, it’s difficult for our children to understand the value of helping others. Kids helping Kids is a wonderful way to give them that opportunity. They’ll receive a great book while at the same time provide two healthy school lunches for a kid like them in Nicaragua.

Think about that. How great will your child feel knowing that they have just provided two meals for a child who has spent much of their life living without hope? These kids live in the poorest communities of Nicaragua and Mexico. Most live in shanties, have one set of clothes and often go without shoes.

Attending a real school feels like a miracle. They receive a uniform, a shirt and shorts/jeans for boys or a simple dress/skirt and blouse for the girls. Once a year they get a pair of new shoes. Most important, they receive a few simple school supplies and one warm meal each day. For the first time in their lives, they have hope for the future. With your purchase of a book from Grandpa Jimmy, you are helping make that possible.