The Adventures from Hangar 1

Follow the adventures of five sixth grade friends and a mutt called Bandit. They live in the small town of Buena Vista, tucked away in the rugged mountains of Colorado. Tall mountains covered in dense forest, steep canyons and raging rivers are their playground, or at least they were.

And their club house, well, let’s just say that the tree house in Ben’s back yard lost its’ appeal. They have laid claim to a hangar built in the 1930s, the ghostly home of a forgotten old airplane.

According to Grandpa Jimmy, the owner of the hangar, if that remarkable plane could talk, it would tell a thousand stories of adventures and intrigue. He often says, with a smile and a wink, “this old bird is magical.”

The plane’s battered aluminum skin has long since lost its shine and one engine is missing. Obviously, it can’t be flown. Yet, when the gang steps inside and closes the door, it magically transports them into a world filled with adventures. One that only they believe exists.

Wrinkly Brinkly

Read the story of Wrinkly Brinkly, an insecure beaver living in a colony near the base of Pike’s Peak. His small size and wrinkled fur coat made him the target of
endless ridicule.

In the world of his dreams lived a much different beaver. He’s tall, strong and able to defeat the most feared of enemies. The dreams were so real that he believed they might come true. All he had to do was attempt to live one out. When he did, it ended in an irreversible tragedy, turning the colony against him.

He did the only thing he could, he retreated to the isolation of his lodge with a broken heart. And his story might have ended there if were not for a special visitor.

Were it not for a very special visitor his story may have ended there. This unseen visitor, the Spirit of the Forest, speaks directly to his heart and mind.

He teaches Wrinkly about the virtues of humility, service to others, unconditional love and forgiveness.

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Armed with these revelations and a dose of supernatural power, Wrinkly recovers and helps the colony through dangers. Eventually, as the respected leader of the colony, he comes face to face with their most feared enemy, the Black Ghost – a ruthless wolf at the center of the tragedy years earlier and responsible for the death of Wrinkly’s best friend, Gavi.

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